Re: Amerindian navigators and Eurocentrism in scholarship

From (George Black)
Date Sat, 13 Sep 97 19:55:07 GMT
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>, (Yuri 
awesome snip
>I'm not running away anywhere, and I stand by the information that I
>posted. I guess you would have been running away by now, seeing how many
>people are trying to prove me wrong. But you should not judge everyone by
>your own rather lowly standards, Doug. It may surprise you, but some
>people actually believe that the historical truth is worth fighting for,
>even if many others are trying to run away from it, or to pretend it's not
>there. All the intellectual philistines like Mr. Weller will not make a
>big difference to me if I see that the real factual evidence supports
>these theories. 
>It's the biased and overcritical people like you, Doug, who stand in the
>way of progress in scholarship. 

No Yuri. It is people like Doug who keep the standard of scholarship at a 
level from whence one can draw reasonable conclusions.

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