Re: Amerindian navigators and Eurocentrism in scholarship

From (Doug Weller)
Date Sun, 14 Sep 1997 07:49:31 GMT
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On 14 Sep 1997 04:12:58 GMT, in sci.archaeology.mesoamerican, Yuri Kuchinsky

>Bernard Ortiz de Montellano ( wrote:
>: In article <5vbqv2$dlp$
>, (Yuri
>: Kuchinsky) wrote:
>: This is the crux of the problem. The only citations you make are to
>: secondary, tertiary or even quaternary sources usually Carter or
>: Heyerdahl. You then disclaim all further responsibility by repeating over
>: and over that all of us should go to Carter or Heyerdahl to get the data.
>: You have the cart before the horse, *You, Yuri are the one making the
>: claim*
>Well, it's actually Carter who is making the claim.

And Yuri's search for truth doesn't oblige him to go any further. After all, 
he says later, he trusts Carter!

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