Re: Amerindian navigators and Eurocentrism in scholarship

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>> >How are you going to get fresh water from ocean fish?
>>> Salt water fish have fresh water inside them. When I was very small, my
>>> bought a herring from some fishermen, cut it open and gave me some to
>>> taste. The liquid in the tissue was fresh water.
>>> Come to think of it, sushi doesn't taste salty does it?
>>A long time ago, I heard that fish had something like a bladder(not
>>right word) in their body that held fresh water, seems like near their
>>head. could be wrong on that one. 

During the WW-2 years naval and merchant marine personnel were tought
that any fish that could be cought would be a valuable source of water to
survivors floating around on life rafts etc;. No fish I ever took apart had a 
*water* bladder in him. They do have an air bladder that controls their
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