Re: Amerindian navigators and Eurocentrism in scholarship

From (Hans kristian Ruud)
Date 23 Sep 1997 08:37:17 GMT
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#Mary Grether wrote:
#>>A long time ago, I heard that fish had something like a bladder(not
#right word) in their body that held fresh water, seems like near their
#head. could be wrong on that one.<<
#The buoyancy bladder is gas-filled, but the water in the flesh of fish (and
#their extracellular water) is nearly fresh. Their cells have good ion pumps
#to overcome the osmotic tendency of salt to migrate in. 
#Castaways who can catch enough fish don't die of thirst.

But of course this way of extracting H2O is not something one would want to
depend on on an ocean voyage.

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